Alson J. Kelen – President

Executive Director – Waan Aelõñ in Majel (WAM)

One of the original founders of MICNGOs, Alson has served as the President for the Board of Directors for MICNGOs for well-over a decade. Alson Kelen is the Executive Director and also the co-founder for the Waan Aeloñ in Majel or WAM, a registered NGO in the Marshall Islands.

Alson, over the years, has worn many hats, including the following:

  • Mayor of Bikini Atoll (November 2009 to 2011); Councilman for Bikini Atoll (November 2007 to November 2009); Chairman of Marshall Islands Shipping Corporation (2006 to 2015); and President, Council of NGOs (2005 to present). Member of the National Nuclear Commission 2018-present

Lani Kramer – Board Member

President of REACH-MI

Lani is a passionate advocate for the victims and survivors of the nuclear testing that was conducted in the Marshall Islands from 1946-1958. She is a co-founder of REACH-MI (Radiation, Exposure, Awareness, Crusaders for Humanity-Marshall Islands) a NGO, established in 2015, whose mission is to provide information, spread awareness, and explore ways to address un-resolved nuclear issues to improve community conditions and people’s lives in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. REACH-MI strongly believes that the RMI’s Nuclear Legacy is an important part of our country’s history and public engagement and participation is vital.

For more than a decade, Lani has worked with the People of Bikini as a Councilwoman, Trust Liaison, City Manager, Dive Operations Manager for Bikini Atoll Divers, and Site Manager for the Bikini Atoll World Heritage site.

Lani has served on the Boards of the Marshall Islands Visitor’s Authority, Majuro Cooperative School, Marshall Islands Council of Non-Governmental Organizations, and has been a member of the Marshall Island’s Chamber of Commerce and KIO Club (NGO advocating for women and children). She is a co-owner of Lil’ Party Favors, a general merchandise store, located on Majuro, the capitol of the Marshall Islands.

Some of Lani’s work can be found at the links listed below.

Marie Maddison – Board Member

Interim Director – WUTMI

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Rostina W. Morris – Board Member

Jaluit Women’s Club

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Marcella Jonathan- Sakaio – Board Member

Director- Pacific Islanders – Diabetes Prevention Program (PI-DPP)

Marcella Jonathan-Sakaio received her Master Degree in Educational Leadership from San Diego State University in 2006 and her Bachelor Degree in Social Work from the University of Guam in 1990. First Marshallese female graduate of Xavier High School in Chuuk, FSM (1985). Currently, she is the Pacific Islanders – Diabetes Prevention Program (PI-DPP) Director in Ebeye. A strong advocate for Education and she believes it paves the way to make better choices in every walks of life. Her professional interests focus on teaching and working with others, especially the young members of our society. It is evident considering the fact that she has been in the education sector for more than 30 years, since she graduated from high school landing her first job as a teacher. From there, she has transitioned from a teach to a school counselor, a parent center coordinator, a vice principal, a principal of a couple of schools, a Coordinator of CMI’s Ebeye Distance Education Center (DEC), and now her current position as a PI-DPP Director in the Kwajalein Diak Coalition.

Throughout the years, she has learned that community involvement and awareness is critical to pushing any initiative; therefore, she has learned to communicate and keep a good working relationship with various community groups, such as traditional leaders, local and national government leadership, churches, department heads, various organization, parents, teachers and students.

It is in fact, her involvement in community initiatives that brought her to work with Non-Profit Organizations such as Kwajalein Diak Coalition (KDC) and Pacific Islanders – Diabetes Prevention Program (PI-DPP), which also oversees the community activities of the following “DIAK” coalitions in Ebeye Kwajalein Atolls: Cancer, NCD, Days for Girls, and Tobacco (Kwajalein KUMIT). In addition, she serves as the secretary for the RMI Teacher Standard Licensing Board (TSLB), a member of the RMI National Board of Education (NBOE), and the secretary for the Ebeye Catholic Schools Advisory Board. In her leisure time and during the weekends, she coordinates the Sunday Catechist Program, a Catholic Youth advisor, and a member of the Catholic Parish Council. Her education background and focus on community collaboration has led her to numerous of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles. 

Yolanie Johnson – Board Member

Deputy Director – Teen Pregnancy Prevention Project (TPP)

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Kanjen Kumtak – Board Member

CEO – Marshall Islands Disabled Persons Organizations (MIDPO)

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Karness Kusto – Board Member

President – Marshall Islands Organic Farmers Association (MIOFA)

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