Directors/Managers/Representatives of various NGOs in the Marshall Islands during MICNGOs Annual General Meeting

August 29, 2019

Marshall Islands Council of Non-Governmental Organizations (MICNGOs) held its 1st ever Annual General Meeting on Thursday, August 29th at MIR Jemañin Conference Room. In attendance were WAM, WUTMI, MICS, REACH-MI, YTYIH, KUMIT, JO-JIKUM, Fiji Community, MIDPO, KWAJALEIN DIAK COALITION, ELEFA, and MICNGOs Board and the MICNGOs team.

Although it was established in 2003, MICNGOs for many years lay dormant until earlier this year with the support of President Hilda Heine. With the resurrection of MICNGOs and the hiring of the Secretariat and Administration staff, MICNGOs has been in full-gear mode ever since. Among the many positive developments that were achieved are the NGO-Governmental Dialogue held in March with the President and her Cabinet, Transformational Leadership Developmental Training, Code of Minimum Standard workshops, SDGs Workshops, to name a few. MICNGOs also sits in many of the of the governmental committees for development.

The success of the AGM and MICNGOs’s many developmental commitments and projects are due to a strong leadership and involvement of the Board, with Alson Kelen (President, WAM) at the helm and the invaluable support of members Marie Maddison (WUTMI) and Lani Kramer (REACH-MI).

This 1st ever Annual General Meeting is continued testament to MICNGOs members and partners’ commitment to working together as one group in helping the people of the RMI. NGOs are a crucial part of development for any nation, as is the case with the Marshall Islands. During the AGM, 4 new board members were proposed to the current board members with a required quorum of 4 members. The proposed new board members were Yolanie Johnson (YTYIH), Kanjen Kumtak (MIDPO), Karness Kusto (MIOFA), and Marcella Sakaio (Diak Coalition). They will join current board members Alson Kelen (President of Board, WAM), Marie Maddison (WUTMI), Lani Kramer (REACH-MI), and Rostina Morris (Jaluit’s Women Club).

A special general meeting is planned for later this year to pass the amendments to MICNGOs constitution and to approve the new board.